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The 10 Best Medical Podcasts For Medical Students

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Today’s medical students have more opportunities for learning than ever. One way students can learn more outside the classroom is by listening to medical podcasts. These shows are popular for helping students discover many things about their studies.

Medical podcasts are online discussions that you can listen to on your mobile device or computer. To receive new episodes of a podcast as they become available, you can subscribe and the episodes will automatically download to your device or computer.

Each new podcast episode will include a topic of interest. You can learn about many points about health and medicine in these podcasts, with some focusing on specific fields. The best part of these podcasts is that they’re free to listen to.

Here’s a look at ten great medical podcasts for medical students to learn from. These podcasts are available for medical students to enhance their learning. These shows cover a wide range of topics presented by experts who aim to impart their knowledge and provide valuable insights.

1. Bedside Rounds

Bedside Rounds is a podcast hosted by Harvard Medical School instructor Adam Rodman. He brings out various stories about unique concepts in medicine and the evolution of healthcare. A typical episode will include a historical review of a part of medicine and a discussion on various concepts with other medical experts. The content in this show is certified by the American College of Physicians; therefore, you will be assured the most accurate details and analysis in each episode. Past episodes have covered topics like diagnostics, how public understanding of diseases has evolved, and understanding of how to tell medically if a person is alive or dead.

2. Docs Outside the Box

Dr. Nii Darko started the Docs Outside the Box podcast as a show focusing on how medical professionals provide services. You will learn how healthcare professionals can take their studies and experiences outside the exam room and into the outside world. Darko’s interviews include discussions on humanitarian work, the development of new medical technologies and treatments, and how to identify problems and serve communities well. The details you’ll discover on this show will help you see how different concepts of health work and how today’s medical experts can make a difference in their communities.

3. This Podcast Will Kill You

There are various deadly diseases and medical conditions out there, and This Podcast Will Kill You will help you understand more about many of these issues and how they can be treated. Co-hosts Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke discuss the history and biology of various illnesses and diseases. The show provides a lighthearted approach to the subject, but it still manages to be very specific and thorough in explaining what you need the know the most. Past episodes of this show have covered topics like epilepsy, lupus, gout, sepsis, and how vitamin D and other nutrients have been historically used to treat various conditions. The hosts even like to introduce alcoholic drinks called “quarantinis” and “placeboritas” in each episode, although an “alcohol-free” version of the show is available on its website.

4. The Short Coat

Medical students will appreciate the insights into medical school they will hear in the Short Coat. It is a podcast run by students at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. Students discuss their experiences in medical school and offer advice on how to handle different situations.. The show explorvarious topics, including publishing research papers, distinguishing between good and bad advice, and ethical considerations for studies.

5. The Undifferentiated Medical Student

You can learn about various medical specialties in the Undifferentiated Medical Student, podcast hosted by medical student Ian Drummond. He started this podcast to help undifferentiated students understand what specialties are available to help them understand the opportunities they can enter when studying. His podcast includes interviews with physicians in many fields. Each interview reviews the basics of a specialty, how professionals determine that field is right for them, and long-term career planning guidance. Some of the segments Drummond has discussed in this podcast include ophthalmology, preventive medicine, sleep medicine, and neurocritical care.

6. Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike’s Medical Education

Drs. Matt Barton and Mike Todorovic of Griffith University outside Brisbane host this podcast about various concepts about the human body and treatments. The podcast helps listeners understand scientific concepts about the human body, including diseases that may impact various parts and therapeutic treatments. The show’s website also has videos and courses where students can learn more about the topics covered in this show.

7. EM Basic

Some podcasts for med students concentrate on individual parts of medical care. EM Basic is an example, as this show covers emergency medicine. Each episode covers a different medical complaint often heard in emergency rooms. You will learn about the entire patient journey in an emergency room and how to manage various sudden situations. Some of the episodes covered in EM Basic include transfusion reactions, opioid withdrawals, respiratory failure, and various pediatric health-related issues.

8. Dr. Paddy Barrett Podcast

Physician burnout is a common problem in the industry, and the Dr. Paddy Barrett Podcast explores how med students can work towards getting away from burnout. This multi-part series looks at the many reasons why doctors experience burnout and how people can reverse this problem. The topics on this show include many about humanizing healthcare and making it more personal while understanding how to use new concepts and technologies. The discussions on this podcast are all about helping students learn how to feel more positive about their work while staying motivated.

9. The Healthcare Policy Podcast

Another option for a medical podcast is the Healthcare Policy Podcast, a show hosted by longtime policy consultant David Introcaso. The podcast reviews current trends in healthcare and how industry policies are evolving and influencing what services people may provide. Medical ethics is one of the more prominent topics on this show. Other topics covered here include how climate change is influencing healthcare and how diagnostic procedures are becoming more refined yet complex.

10. Raise the Line

The Raise the Line podcast is hosted by medical expert Shiv Gaglani, who is actively looking to find ways to improve how the healthcare system works. The show reviews ways to improve the healthcare industry and make it stronger. Some of the show’s prior episodes include ones on improving rural health care, addressing pandemic-related health needs, and using classical philosophy to help improve how care services are made available to people.

Be sure to look around to see what medical podcasts are available now, as the extensive array of podcasts for today’s medical students is vast. But don’t forget when looking for a podcast that you’re finding something that interests you and is reliable. Check the website of any podcast you find for more details on what it is about. Checking to see what podcasts are legitimate and accurate is critical for helping you see what shows are the most interesting.

Want FREE Cardiology Flashcards?

Cardiology is key for impressive USMLE scores. Master cardiology from a Harvard-trained anesthesiologist who scored USMLE 270 with these 130+ high-yield flash cards. You’ll be begging for cardio questions - even if vitals make you queasy.