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Alec Palmerton MD USMLE Step 1 score: 270

Loved by students from hundreds of med schools worldwide, including:

A graduate of Stanford Medical School, he was ranked to match in his top choice residency at Harvard-MGH only 3 days after his interview.

He teaches students how to master – not memorize – for impressive Boards scores and fulfilling careers.

Alec Palmerton, MD - Creator of Yousmle

How Yousmle Helps Students Like You

Melody - Online Course Yousmler

Before Yousmle:

After Yousmle:

"Currently in the middle of interview season, and I have received invites from ~20 programs that include many top tier schools (Harvard, Columbia, Cleveland Clinic, University of Washington, Mayo, Yale, NYU, Dartmouth) and some of the most competitive transitional years (University of Hawaii, Scripps Mercy)."

"Honored 4 clerkships, scored a 260 on Step 2"

"Honored ZERO classes MS1 and MS2 year, scored a 226 on Step 1"

Minills - Online Course Yousmler

Before Yousmle:

After Yousmle:

"By sticking with the two-fold approach of building foundational knowledge and mastering interpretation, I not only performed well on the USMLEs, but also became a valuable team member actively involved in patient care."

"After Yousmle, I became, as one attending wrote, 'an exceptional student.'

Honors in 5 clerkships, 95th percentile on IM, Peds and Neurology shelf exams and 261 on Step 2 CK"

"I scored a 168 on Step 1 and went into panic mode"

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