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Alec Palmerton, MD - Creator of Yousmle

  • Graduate of Stanford Medical School
  • Ranked to match in his top choice residency at Harvard-MGH
  • Tutored hundreds of students to succeed on USMLE
  • Teaches students how to master – not memorize – for impressive Boards scores and fulfilling careers.

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Learn how Jonathan got the residency of his dreams

Learn how Korinne mastered more in less time so she starting loving learning again and honored on her next Shelf.

Yousmlers Stand Out to Top Residencies

Melody - Step 2 Yousmler

Before Yousmle:

After Yousmle:

"Currently in the middle of interview season, and I have received invites from ~20 programs that include many top tier schools (Harvard, Columbia, Cleveland Clinic, University of Washington, Mayo, Yale, NYU, Dartmouth) and some of the most competitive transitional years (University of Hawaii, Scripps Mercy)."

"Honored 4 clerkships, scored a 260 on Step 2"

"Honored ZERO classes MS1 and MS2 year, scored a 226 on Step 1"

Minills - Step 2 Yousmler

Before Yousmle:

After Yousmle:

"By sticking with the two-fold approach of building foundational knowledge and mastering interpretation, I not only performed well on the USMLEs, but also became a valuable team member actively involved in patient care."

"Honors in 5 clerkships , 95th percentile on IM, Peds and Neurology shelf exams and 261 on Step 2 CK"

"I scored a 168 on Step 1 and went into panic mode"

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  • Included one-on-one sessions with a Success Specialist
  • 2-4 Live Lessons/month on Question Interpretation, Intrinsic Motivation, and other topics to help you accomplish more in less time and improve your scores
  • 200+ recorded sessions, for on-demand access anywhere you are (more content added every month)
  • Anki cards associated with each lecture so you never have to forget another video again
  • Course Forum: Exclusive Community for all students in the Course to help and support each other through their journey

How many students are involved in any one group session?

Typically the number of students in any given group session is around 5-15 students. If the group grows to become too large, the price will rise and/or the doors will be closed to new students, so as to keep the experience personalized.

What does a typical group tutoring session look like?

Sessions typically focus on 2 major themes:

1. Content questions that are difficult for most students to learn on their own (e.g. biochemistry), so you can spend less time trying to teach yourself, and more time doing the things that will improve your score

2. Practicing question interpretation, so you can get through your questions faster, with higher scores

Will the price ever be raised in the future?

Most likely! As the video portion of the course grows, the prices have already been raised (they will ALWAYS be the same price as when you enter, however). However, if you purchase now, you are guaranteed to keep the rate you joined at for as long as you are a member, so you can save money!

Is there a separate group for Step 1 students?

How about Step 2 or 3 students?

There is a single group for all students. The principles of doing well are the same at all level – you need a strong foundation, and you need an approach to interpreting questions. There are some modules that are very clearly only Step 1 related (biochemistry, genetics, immuno), but the vast majority apply to both. I’ve also found it to be very helpful to have students preparing for Step 1 be able to interact with Step 2 students (and vice-versa), as Step 2 students can provide necessary perspective, while Step 1 students can help their older peers remember some of the mechanisms that are still so important.

Most tutoring services have a perverse incentive to try and sell you more tutoring hours, because the more they tutor, the more money they make. Frankly, for many years I’ve had way more tutoring requests than I could accommodate just by myself. I could have hired a legion of “tutors” (i.e. people with high USMLE scores who may or may not be committed educators) and “trained” them in my methods, but the experience for you the student can be too hit-or-miss.

Group tutoring turns what would have been at least 50 hours of individual tutoring into a guide to the most efficient way to improve your score. Because of the many pre-recorded modules, you can watch them when you want to watch them – you don’t have to wait to go over it with your tutor. And because I’m not wasting time by giving the same biochemistry/cardiology/ventilator lectures to 50 people, each hour of one-on-one tutoring time can then maximally help you improve your exams. Things like tailoring a plan to your specific situation so you can waste less time on tedium and spend more time on the things that matter. Or giving you individualized feedback on your question interpretation so you can do questions faster and get more right.

Because of the huge time-saving benefits of group tutoring, not only do you save money and have each individual tutoring hour be more effective in helping you, but I am also able to serve more students. As such, I require all students doing individual tutoring with me to also be in group tutoring.

What if I only want to work with you one-on-one? 

Can I opt out of group tutoring?

What if I can't make a session?

All of my group sessions are recorded and can be viewed by those who are unable to make a particular session. Additionally, I regularly create/update videos on topics we have already covered, to create an ever-growing compendium of the most difficult-to-master USMLE topics.

Is it a single cohort? Or are there multiple "groups"?

There is a single “group” in Yousmle Group Tutoring. Just like having Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 students mix together allows for fruitful exchange, having senior students in the group helps tremendously with helping newer students transition into a new way of learning. When seniors teach new students, they solidify the principles for themselves, while the new students can progress from crawling to running so they can do more to improve their scores faster.


1-on-1 Tutoring

What the charges are for towards for the $900 + $697 package? 

Am I paying $900 only once and $697 every month? 

What is the $900 towards, since the $697 is for the group tutoring?

As you mention, group tutoring is $697/month – it is a monthly charge, and it’s super easy to cancel at any time. So where does the $900 charge come from? The $900 is one-time, and is for the (optional) 2-hour one-on-one session. It is discounted from the full rate of $735/hour, to tailor a plan to your specific needs so you can move even faster towards saving time and scoring higher. After the first session, there are a number of discounted pre-paid packages for individual tutoring, if you choose to continue with one-on-one tutoring. Or you can opt to stick with Group Tutoring alone – it’s designed to be flexible, in order to fit your individual needs.

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