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Who Benefits Most From Tutoring?

Low NBME Scores

Competitive Residency Goals


NBMEs are the best predictor for your USMLE scores. Students who consistently score near or below a passing grade need to reform their learning or test-taking strategy specifically for the USMLE. 

A USMLE specialist can effectively pinpoint your areas for improvement and provide a strategic plan to accelerate progress and boost your scores in less time.

IMGs typically have lower match rates (40-50%) than US MDs (90%+) because of educational differences and less familiarity with USMLE exams.

USMLE tutoring is the fastest tool to bridge these gaps, equipping students with the knowledge and tactical understanding necessary to dissect each question and achieve the best results possible.

Securing a spot in a competitive residency demands high Step scores. The NRMP's Program Director Survey highlights USMLE scores and failed tests as key factors in applicant ranking.

Implementing targeted strategies is essential to surpass scoring plateaus and achieve top scores that will stand out to residency program directors.

Meet the Creator of Yousmle

Alec Palmerton, MD

  • Graduate of Stanford Medical School
  • USMLE Step 1 270 (99.9%ile)
  • Ranked to match at his top choice residency at Harvard-MGH
  • The most highly sought USMLE tutor in the world
  • Teaches students how to master – not memorize – for impressive Boards scores and fulfilling careers

What's the Best Way to Prepare for Step 2?

Are you looking for a tutoring experience that goes beyond traditional methods and focuses on personalized coaching for USMLE Step 2 success? Are you seeking to not only pass Step 2 but also apply your knowledge effectively on Step 2 and beyond? Have you struggled with generic study techniques and the challenge of retaining vast amounts of medical information?

Yousmle's tutoring emphasizes transformative study methods, designed to deepen your understanding and ensure long-term retention of core medical concepts crucial for the USMLE Step 2.  With Yousmle, you'll receive comprehensive support, personalized guidance, and access to valuable resources, creating a holistic learning experience that sets us apart from standard tutoring services.

Here's the "recipe" we've found to be most effective for ANY student:

  • Daily Expert Coaching with Same-Day Feedback
  • Concept Mastery to Learn More in Less Time
  • Using Anki Right to Never Forget Anything
  • High-Yield Lectures and Question Interpretation
  • Accountability and Study planning and goal setting
  • Community and Ongoing Support

Yousmle Tutoring is more than just a tutoring service; it's a transformative learning experience designed to help you achieve excellence in medical school and beyond. With our approach, you'll not only improve your test scores but also become a skilled and knowledgeable physician.

Loved by hundreds of med students at universities worldwide including:

Is Tutoring Effective to Pass Step 2?

While tutoring can provide personalized guidance and expert insights, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution for USMLE Step 2 preparation. For some students, the issue isn't just about understanding the material; it's about identifying and correcting underlying problems in their learning and retention strategies.

Tutoring may offer immediate answers and feedback, but without addressing and altering ineffective study habits, the benefits may be short-lived. Without the introspection and adjustment of one’s own learning approach, students may find themselves overly dependent on tutors, unable to independently apply critical thinking skills to novel problems or retain knowledge in the long term. 

Therefore, tutoring should be viewed as a supplement to a robust, self-directed study plan that includes active learning techniques, self-assessment, and a consistent evaluation of one's learning methods.

Why is Yousmle the Best Step 2 Tutoring?

Yousmle has created the best Step 2 tutoring service by merging the personalized attention of tutoring with the comprehensive structure of an online course. This blend ensures that students not only receive the individualized feedback necessary to address their specific weaknesses but also benefit from an extensive library of resources that cover core concepts in medicine.

Translation: you master more, faster, for higher scores ASAP.

Yousmle's approach to understanding and applying a few foundational principles to a wide array of medical conditions empowers students to think critically rather than rely solely on rote memorization. The program's emphasis on mastering material through strategic learning methods, combined with regular, expert-driven tutoring sessions, cultivates a deeper understanding of the subject matter and how to apply it, which is crucial for excelling on Step 2. 

This dual advantage equips students with the tools to achieve higher scores and lays down a solid foundation for future medical knowledge and practice.

Your USMLE goals aren’t the same as others. Neither is your background. So why would you follow the same plan as everyone else?

Learn how to master - not memorize. Apply your knowledge for impressive Boards scores for the all-important Match.

Unique Goals, Unique Solutions

Yousmlers Match at Top Residencies

Suny: US IMG Disappointing Step 1260+ on Step 2 CK

Jose: Start 209 NBME to 245 Step 1,253 Step 2 CK - Continuous Improvement

Anna: From Panic to Success

243 on Step 1

Listen to how Luis got 250+ on Step 1

Rosa: Felt defeated after a failed Step 1 +28 points with Yousmle

Jared: Failed Step 1 twice+28 points with Yousmle

 Korinne mastered more in less time and honored on her next Shelf

Learn how Jonathan got the residency of his dreams

Before Yousmle:

"Honored ZERO classes MS1 and MS2 year, scored a 226 on Step 1"

After Yousmle:

"Honored 4 clerkships, scored a 260 on Step 2"

"Currently in the middle of interview season, and I have received invites from ~20 programs that include many top tier schools (Harvard, Columbia, Cleveland Clinic, University of Washington, Mayo, Yale, NYU, Dartmouth) and some of the most competitive transitional years (University of Hawaii, Scripps Mercy)."

Melody - Step 2 Yousmler

Before Yousmle:

"I scored a 168 on Step 1 and went into panic mode"

After Yousmle:

"Honors in 5 clerkships , 95th percentile on IM, Peds and Neurology shelf exams and 261 on Step 2 CK"

"By sticking with the two-fold approach of building foundational knowledge and mastering interpretation, I not only performed well on the USMLEs, but also became a valuable team member actively involved in patient care."

Minills - Step 2 Yousmler

Other Yousmlers

                 Melody - Step 1 226  

         Minills - First NBME 168  

“Sleeps Soundly” - NBME 136

Step 2 CK 260

Step 2 CK 261

Step 1 247

"If I had a chance to go back, I would have started working with Alec from the beginning of MS2 year"

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