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Here are some of the things that students are saying about

At the beginning of my study period, I went through a video review course for about 5 weeks,  along ​with intermittent UWorld random timed sets that I’d annotate inefficiently into First Aid. After this, I took an NBME and got a 228. I knew at that point that I wasn’t reaching my goals and was clueless as to how to boost my score quickly, so I searched online looking for advice when I came across the site. Within 9 days, my next NBME score was a 249. I continued this process for another 5 weeks until all of Uworld was turned into pathophys-to-presentation cards. I did experience a dip in scores (as low as 230) during this process, but I knew that my knowledge was growing, regardless of the practice scores. In the final <2 weeks, I actually read First Aid cover to cover for the first time (along with tidbits of a few other resources in areas I felt weak, like phys)–not to learn much new info really, but rather to integrate what I’d already learned via Uworld/Anki. The day before the test, I made a PDF of my Anki cards and read through them as a quick refresher. Final score: 265.

– Johns Hopkins medical student

Not only is Alec extremely knowledgable, but he also has tremendous insight as to the study strategies and skills necessary to succeed on USMLE Step 1. With the demands of medical school, Alec understands the importance of studying efficiently and effectively and has truly transformed my approach to my coursework in the second year.

– Stanford University medical student

I wish I could have gone to the Alec  School of Medicine. As my husband says, “Alec is the best. He’s really your guy.”  He’s the best teacher I have ever had. I ended up raising my step 1 score by 29 points and plan to work with him on some of my third year shelf exams.

– University of Washington student

You are one the first people I want to tell my score to. I just saw it 30 minutes ago and I got 266. I just wanna say thanks for the help and support and for introducing Anki to my world.

– KS, IMG, Final score: 266

I saw your website about one month before my exam when I was upset by studying a lot without significant improvement. My final score is 252, which is quite close to my aim score.  Yousmle is an awesome website for preparing Step 1, especially when you have reached a plateau. The method is to switch from passive studying- low-efficient and painful memorizing to active studying- integrating, understanding and applying knowledge into clinical situations (AKA most Step 1 questions). When you know what you are studying for, you study well. Also it teaches you how to make the best use of the powerful tool Anki (I like the idea of reverse cards a lot). I would strongly recommend this!

– University of Nebraksa Medical Center Student, Final score: 252.

I have to give Alec major credit for helping me beat my goal of a 260 on Step 1. First off, the Step 1 Deck was a phenomenal resource. I completed UWorld once, and then I used the deck while going through UWorld a second time, and it really helped. Not only did the concepts stick, but the way the cards are designed, they helped me improve pattern recognition and strengthen connections between related (and unrelated) topics! It was a great investment and I will out certainly be using the Step 2 Deck when the time comes!

I felt uncomfortable taking the time to learn to properly use Anki given the limited time I had before my exam, but the advice he provided on this website and in his emails were absolutely incredible and golden. This way of thinking helped me ace getting at the core of what each question was asking, which made the exam so much more manageable! I will definitely be incorporating Anki-based learning during the clinical phase of my education and beyond! Thank you so much for this incredible and well-crafted resource!

– Neil; Final Score: 261

Thank you for your email newsletters. I first encountered your website three weeks ago, and now am both a strong ANKI proponent, as well as gratified to find that I am not the only advocate for using one’s brain to solve mental puzzles, highly controversial though it may sound. 😉
– Asher
Thanks alot for this info! Really came in handy. I feel blessed that someone like you takes the time to write these pieces of advice and share them with everyone. May many blessings come your way my friend. Keep up the positive actions!
– Daniel
Just want to say that I really love reading your e-mails to us. I don’t have any topics of interest that I would enjoy reading about it, just sending you some appreciation.

– Anthony