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The Most DO-Friendly Child Neurology Programs in the US

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by Monique Cloete in Residency

Are you wondering how DO-friendly (or unfriendly) child neurology is as a US medical specialty? Do you want to know your chances of matching in this highly competitive field? Would you love to figure out what child neurology programs a DO would stand the best chance?

This article will give you the most up-to-date information on DO-friendly child neurology programs. Use this information to strategize on whether – and where – to apply to maximize your chances of matching as a DO in child neurology.


  • Child neurology is a very competitive US medical specialty
  • Few residency programs accept some DOs, while none are DO favored.
  • Only 11% of child neurology applicants are rejected
  • See the full list of searchable residency programs to strategize where DOs have recently been the most welcome
  • Be sure to bookmark this page – and sign up for the newsletter – to keep up with the latest residency and USMLE trends and maximize your chances of matching

Table of Contents

What’s the Difference Between a DO and an MD?

Let’s start with some definitions.

DO: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Licensed physicians trained in “whole body” wellness and treatment techniques in muscle and joint manipulation in addition to mainstream treatments.
Allopathy Vs. Osteopathy

In the US, there are two main branches of registered physician:

  • Allopathy: In this path, doctors train in modern, sometimes referred to as “Western”, medicine to treat symptoms and diseases. Doctors who train in this branch are licensed as Doctors of Medicine (MD)
  • Osteopathy: These doctors have the same education and licensing exams as MDs but have additional training in muscle and joint manipulation. Doctors who train in Osteopathy are licensed as Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and have the same residency training and choices as MDs.

To begin practicing medicine, DOs and MDs must take specific licensing exams:

  • COMLEX-USA: This test assesses osteopathic medical knowledge in addition to allopathic medical knowledge in order to become licensed as a DO in the USA.
  • USMLE: This test assesses allopathic medical knowledge and is required to become licensed as an MD.
NRMP: “National Resident Matching Program®”
  • The organization that administers the “Match.” In the match, the NRMP pairs residency applicants with a residency program.

Note that prior to the 2020 Match, DOs had access to a “pool” of residencies reserved for which only they could match. The current system has merged DO and MD residencies so that every applicant has the same “chance” for matching in their chosen specialty.

For more on how to maximize your match chances and how the “Merge” has changed residency applications, see THE MATCH: Everything You Need to Maximize Your Residency Chances

Child Neurology is Not Very DO-Friendly

Looking at the percentage of spots filled by DOs in the 2022 Match, we can see that child neurology was relatively DO-unfriendly. Only four other specialties had a lower proportion of positions filled by DOs.

However, the match rate for DOs in child neurology (89%) shows the DOs still have a good chance for acceptance in child neurology in the 2022 Match:

Here are the same data represented in a table:

% DO Applied that Matched% DO Unmatched% Positions Filled by DOTotal Positions OfferedTotal # All ApplicantsDO Senior MatchedDO Senior UnmatchedDO Senior Total
**Radiation Oncology0%100%0%185162
**Plastic Surgery0%100%0%194340
Vascular Surgery8%92%1%8414311213
Neurological Surgery43%57%4%24037991221
Orthopaedic Surgery56%44%13%8751,43511186197
Interventional Radiology59%41%12%169226201434
General Surgery62%38%12%1,6222,400200125325
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation64%36%33%53272517699275
Obstetrics and Gynecology65%35%16%1,5032,044241130371
Diagnostic Radiology67%33%15%1,1551,56816984253
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics74%26%9%392458371350
Child Neurology89%11%9%18818217219
Internal Medicine94%6%15%9,80911,5981,503931596
Emergency Medicine95%5%25%2,9212,81373638774
Family Medicine96%4%27%4,9165,0551,345621407

For more on the most competitive DO medical specialties, see this article.

The Most DO-Friendly Child Neurology Residency Programs

Although child neurology is not a DO-friendly specialty, there are still some child neurology residency programs that accept a higher % of DOs. For example, in the most recent GME census, Ohio State filled 33% of its available positions with DOs. Three other residency programs also filled some of their spots with DOs: Colorado (9%), Washington (7%) and Cincinnati (6%). Keep in mind that only 11% of applicants were rejected.

Here is a list of the most (and least) competitive child neurology programs for DOs. It includes data from the most recent National GME Census Survey. Percentages are of all residents in the program in 2020.

ACGME residency program codeChild Neurology residency nameCityState% residents US DO graduates% residents US MD graduatesOsteopathic Recognition# applications submitted (2021 NRMP Main Match)% applicants interviewed (2020 NRMP Main Match)# categorical positions offered (2021 NRMP Main Match)# categorical positions filled (2021 NRMP Main Match)# advanced positions offered (2021 NRMP Main Match)# advanced positions filled by (2021 NRMP Main Match)
1853821092Nationwide Children's Hospital/Ohio State University ProgramColumbusOH3344No16038.35500
1850721023University of Colorado ProgramAuroraCO982No14321.21110
1852821034Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium ProgramSt. LouisMO773No15547.35511
1853821038Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center ProgramCincinnatiOH694No16819.25500
1850521061Stanford Health Care-Sponsored Stanford University ProgramPalo AltoCA0100No115334400
1851621021McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University ProgramChicagoIL0100No15327.43300
1852421051Children's Hospital/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School ProgramBostonMA083No16619.15511
1854121041Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ProgramPhiladelphiaPA095No174207720
1854821018Baylor College of Medicine ProgramHoustonTX082No16140.45411
1854821043University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center ProgramDallasTX062No11536.65511
Specialty: Child Neurology
1850121008University of Alabama Medical Center ProgramBirminghamALNo8931.12200
1850321024Phoenix Children's Hospital ProgramPhoenixAZNo10631.34410
1850421085University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) College of Medicine ProgramLittle RockARNo9910.51100
1850500001University of California Davis Health ProgramSacramentoCANo
1850521006University of California (Irvine) ProgramOrangeCANo86292200
1850521020University of California (San Diego) Medical Center ProgramLa JollaCANo10524.62200
1850521062UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine/UCLA Medical Center ProgramLos AngelesCANo10327.82200
1850521065Children's Hospital Los Angeles ProgramLos AngelesCANo12232.73300
1850521069University of California (San Francisco) ProgramSan FranciscoCANo9926.82211
1850521075Loma Linda University Health Education Consortium ProgramLoma LindaCANo8630.51100
1850800078Yale-New Haven Hospital ProgramNew HavenCTNo9737.72200
1851011010National Capital Consortium ProgramBethesdaMDNo
1851021048Children's National Medical Center/George Washington University ProgramWashingtonDCNo28612.53320
1851113100Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (Jacksonville) ProgramJacksonvilleFLNo60370022
1851118101University of Florida College of Medicine ProgramGainesvilleFLNo13722.61000
1851218108Emory University School of Medicine ProgramAtlantaGANo14126.73311
1851221019Medical College of Georgia ProgramAugustaGANo939.61000
1851621001University of Chicago ProgramChicagoILNo13922.72200
1851721050Indiana University School of Medicine ProgramIndianapolisINNo989.82200
1851831106University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics ProgramIowa CityIANo8133.32200
1851922096Children's Mercy Hospital/University of Kansas Medical Center ProgramKansas CityMONo12719.23100
1852021099University of Kentucky College of Medicine ProgramLexingtonKYNo10825.22200
1852021103University of Louisville School of Medicine ProgramLouisvilleKYNo9416.83300
1852121022Louisiana State University ProgramNew OrleansLANo11522.81100
1852321027Johns Hopkins University ProgramBaltimoreMDNo13227.64400
1852413102Boston University Medical Center ProgramBostonMANo16114.71110
1852421028Tufts Medical Center ProgramBostonMANo13311.20000
1852431067Massachusetts General Hospital ProgramBostonMANo11411.52200
1852500053Spectrum Health/Michigan State University ProgramGrand RapidsMINo042.12200
1852521030University of Michigan Health System ProgramAnn ArborMINo144384400
1852521052Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University ProgramDetroitMINo64390032
1852621053Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (Rochester) ProgramRochesterMNNo12242.12200
1852712095University of Mississippi Medical Center ProgramJacksonMSNo1067.61111
1852821033St Louis University School of Medicine ProgramSt. LouisMONo21019.42100
1853300012Jersey Shore University Medical Center ProgramNeptuneNJNo015.42200
1853321011Rutgers Health/New Jersey Medical School ProgramNewarkNJNo19121.61100
1853413105University of New Mexico School of Medicine ProgramAlbuquerqueNMNo19010.52100
1853500095Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai ProgramNew YorkNYNo001110
1853512094University of Rochester ProgramRochesterNYNo11027.12200
1853521002Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine ProgramBronxNYNo23631.52200
1853521015New York Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell Campus) ProgramNew YorkNYNo11816.31100
1853521035University at Buffalo ProgramBuffaloNYNo12011.81110
1853521054SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University ProgramBrooklynNYNo13627.92200
1853521055Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell at Cohen Children's Medical Center ProgramLake SuccessNYNo12600022
1853521057NYU Grossman School of Medicine ProgramNew YorkNYNo13315.32200
1853521059New York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia Campus) ProgramNew YorkNYNo13021.62210
1853521081Stony Brook Medicine/University Hospital ProgramStony BrookNYNo1248.41000
1853621003University of North Carolina Hospitals ProgramChapel HillNCNo12711.12100
1853621037Wake Forest University School of Medicine ProgramWinston SalemNCNo135282200
1853621080Duke University Hospital ProgramDurhamNCNo15430.62211
1853813091Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center ProgramClevelandOHNo128251100
1853821004Cleveland Clinic Foundation ProgramClevelandOHNo15417.22210
1854023048Oregon Health & Science University ProgramPortlandORNo11225.61100
1854100001Geisinger Health System ProgramDanvillePANo
1854118042Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University/DuPont Hospital for Children ProgramWilmingtonDENo22011.62110
1854121012UPMC Medical Education ProgramPittsburghPANo14927.53300
1854121040Tower Health ProgramPhiladelphiaPANo14315.62210
1854212101University of Puerto Rico ProgramSan JuanPRNo393.81010
1854518107Medical University of South Carolina ProgramCharlestonSCNo1111000
1854712104University of Tennessee ProgramMemphisTNNo11512.52100
1854721042Vanderbilt University Medical Center ProgramNashvilleTNNo15034.74411
1854818079University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School ProgramAustinTXNo20820.81110
1854831078University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ProgramHoustonTXNo26031.73100
1854921044University of Utah Health ProgramSalt Lake CityUTNo23429.83300
1855121060Virginia Commonwealth University Health System ProgramRichmondVANo10815.21100
1855131097University of Virginia Medical Center ProgramCharlottesvilleVANo13920.81100
1855421047University of Washington ProgramSeattleWANo13428.53300
1855618109University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics ProgramMadisonWINo8017.91000
1855621070Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals ProgramMilwaukeeWINo12819.82200

Concluding Thoughts

Child neurology is not a very friendly specialty for DOs, but with so few spots and applicants, this isn’t surprising. Only four child neurology residency programs filled a proportion of their available positions with DOs. However, a majority of applicants are accepted as the match rate for child neurology is 89%.

Are you despairing at your chances of matching into child neurology as a DO? Then, check out Never Forget, where you can learn how to master – not memorize – for the impressive USMLE scores to match at your dream residency. And if you’re looking for a residency advisor, look at our residency advisory services.

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