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Best Medical Specialty Lifestyles

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Your work as a medical professional will be rewarding, as you’ll be helping people make the most of their health. But that doesn’t mean every medical lifestyle is as happy as you’d wish.

The amount of work you’d have to complete in some medical specialties can be daunting. Some fields also require you to work at particular sites.

The last thing you want to do when applying for a residency is enter some field you’ll eventually regret. You’ve got to look at what you can expect from your work field for success.

The best lifestyle medical specialties are ones that let you enjoy life and have more flexibility while giving yourself time to start your practice. You’ll need to look at the different medical lifestyles around when seeing what field you might be interested in entering when applying for a residency.

What Makes the Best Doctor Lifestyle?

The best lifestyles specialties medicine fields will give you a greater quality of life. Here are a few things to consider for a working lifestyle:

  1. A good lifestyle will include sensible working hours. A lifestyle with consistent working hours and fewer rotating shifts is often easier for people to manage. Having fewer rotating shifts also keeps your sleep schedule under control.
  2. Your lifestyle should also include enough time to enjoy life with your family and friends. A quality lifestyle lets you manage your time well to ensure you have space for things outside of work.
  3. Some lifestyles will let you work in various environments. You can work in traditional hospitals, specialty clinics, or other sites that interest you.
  4. You could also have enough flexibility in your lifestyle to start your own practice.
  5. Job security is also critical to your lifestyle. A great field will have enough job opportunities to ensure your work stays in demand.
  6. The amount of money you earn can also influence your lifestyle. A great field can help you earn the money you need to live well and enjoy your time off.

Everyone’s definition of the best doctor lifestyle will vary, so look at what interests you the most.

A Deeper Look At the Best Lifestyles For Medical Specialties


The treatment of patients before, during, and after surgical procedures will be critical to how successful the processes can be. Anesthesiologists are in consistent demand for how they can support pain management processes for intricate surgeries.

Anesthesiologists have predictable schedules, as they’re often ready during regular surgery hours at hospitals. These professionals can also work at various other locations as necessary. Many anesthesiologists are among the best lifestyle doctors for how they can earn $300,000 or more a year on average.

Emergency Medicine

The emergency medicine industry entails workers serving during scheduled shifts that people know in advance, so they’ll be ready to work at the best times. While the assortment of illnesses or injuries that need treating can vary, the diverse array of work one can complete will make the job interesting. Emergency medicine jobs are also becoming more common, so you can expect plenty of security.

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery is a surgical field that entails restoring a person’s appearance. While some people undergo aesthetic surgery for cosmetic purposes, others require it when reconstructing their bodies following an injury or illness. You’ll feel you’re making a positive impact on the lives of those you treat, plus you’ll find your work less intense than what a trauma surgeon goes through.

Aesthetic surgeons can schedule their own hours, plus they can establish appointments as necessary, so they will be ready for whatever needs work. A surgeon can open one’s private practice, although that would require years of experience first. Many aesthetic surgeons can earn $400,000 or more a year, so this will be interesting if you’re looking for a high-paying field.


The radiology field is another of the best medical specialties for lifestyle purposes, as it entails using imaging tools to review and diagnose conditions. This practice requires precision and observational skills for success, but you’ll have more flexibility in your schedule. You’ll also know what to expect when serving patients. You’ll require regular continuing education courses to improve how well you work, but those courses will ensure you’re staying on top of your game. Radiologists can also make $200,000 or more a year, making for a good salary.


You can enter the ophthalmology field if you’re looking for a more flexible medical area. This field devoted to eye care is one of the more versatile lifestyle specialties for how it lets physicians work in various spaces, including in dedicated eye care centers or hospitals. Since there’s more downtime between appointments, ophthalmologists will have enough time to enjoy their lives. The fact that ophthalmologists earn $300,000 a year on average makes this industry more valuable.


Some of the best lifestyle medical specialties are ones where there are enough opportunities for workers in various spaces. The otolaryngology field is one such space, as more jobs for people specializing in ear, nose, and throat treatment are available today. You can find otolaryngology jobs in sites from urgent care centers to drugstores. You won’t have to deal with emergencies as often, as you can schedule appointments with people as necessary. Even if someone has to come in with an unexpected concern, you can still have that someone reserve an appointment to ensure you’ll know what to expect and how you’ll treat that patient.

Clinical Immunology

More people are experiencing immune system-related concerns like food allergies these days, so it’s no surprise there are more clinical immunology jobs available. You can work in clinical immunology in various environments, including a dedicated clinic. The one-on-one nature of most patient interactions also ensures you’ll experience less stress while concentrating on each patient as necessary.


Dermatology is another choice for a medical specialty with the best lifestyle, as this practice for skin health entails working mainly in one’s office. While dermatologists occasionally work in operating rooms or hospitals, most dermatological work entails handling patients through regular appointments and exams. The work isn’t as stressful because you’ll have your own schedule to work with.


Psychiatry is the last of the choices to see for medical specialties with the best lifestyle, as you can set your own hours when working in this field. Psychiatrists can balance workloads well and work in safe environments like outpatient facilities and private practices.

Some patients might be more stressful than others, and sometimes a psychiatrist will work with multiple people at a time when one patient’s condition is more concerning. But with mental health-related concerns being increasingly prominent, it won’t be tough to find jobs in this industry. Psychiatrists also earn around $250,000 a year on average, so that should be a good total for most workers.

What Are Your Experiences?

These options for the best medical specialty for lifestyle interests are diverse and cover many fields. But we recognize everyone has their opinion on what specialties are great for them.

Do you have any prior experiences you want to share about your work-life balance? Leave us a comment, as we’d love to hear from medical specialists about how they handle their work lives and what experiences they encounter.

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Want FREE Cardiology Flashcards?

Cardiology is key for impressive USMLE scores. Master cardiology from a Harvard-trained anesthesiologist who scored USMLE 270 with these 130+ high-yield flash cards. You’ll be begging for cardio questions - even if vitals make you queasy.