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How to Access/Screenshot Your Anki Stats

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The statistics on Anki can tell you a TON about how effectively you are using the program.  Here I show you how to access the statistics and share them with someone else.

  1. Go to the “Decks” menu and click the bar graph icon at the top right

  2. Click “Collection” at the bottom, then click “Save Image”

This will save an image of all of your statistics to your desktop.  Now you have a snapshot in time of how you did with your Anki cards for the past 1 month.

If you want a snapshot for a longer period of time, simply click the “1 year” or “deck life” option to see how effectively you’ve been studying your cards!

If you are a part of Yousmle Group Tutoring: when prompted, send your statistics to me, so we can track your progress!